More Sad Bastard Music: Sad Lady Edition

From Scotland — land of the Kings of 90s Sad Bastard Music, Belle & Sebastian — comes another strong entrant for Saddest Band of the 21st Century: Camera Obscura. Since 2001 they’ve cranked out four solid albums of completely depressing, yet still toe-tappingly catchy indie pop music.  

Lead singer Tracyanne Campbell probably isn’t quite in Edith Piaf territory so far as making people cry by singing the phone book, but she’ll probably make you think that everyone from Aaron Aardsman to Zachary Zavracky broke her heart in the last three months.

An example from the new album:

What? Not sad enough for you? Okay, you asked for it:

You would do well to grab some chamomile tea and stare wistfully out the window for awhile… Otherwise we will all see you cry!

Romanteek and Lady Magma: Cake Shop April 1

Romanteek and Lady Magma are playing at the Cake Shop Wednesday April 1st, along with Dynasty Handbag and DJ Stache Master.

Romanteek is part of the Olympia, WA DIY rock scene and its “infectious hooks and driving beats sound somewhere between “Remain in Light” era Talking Heads and the funky stylings of Prince, and convey one solid message: all of life’s problems can be worked out on the dance floor.” (from their website)

Lady Magma describe themselves as “scrap rock” and that’s probably a pretty accurate description.  It should make for a pretty memorable night

Romanteek plays two other shows in New York: Thursday at Zebulon, and Friday at Secret Faggot.


The Weeping Willows

They even depress themselves!

Do you like to feel badly about yourself?  Do you enjoy passing afternoons, lying in bed, sighing?  Then the Weeping Willows is the band for you!  They are the perfect soundtrack for depressing moments that need to be made MORE depressing, and are making some of the finest Sad Bastard music since Morrissey was in his prime.

Check them out if you can gather the strength to get out of bed and click a button.