Stress, Yoga, and Videotapes

If Kip were REALLY at the forefront he would've gotten an HD camera. Don't have to worry about scanlines as much when filming in low light, from the bushes, while sobbing

Well look at that! Another strip and another style. Kinda hoping that this one wouldn’t take as long, and I thought wrong! I am slow and lazy people, that’s the only explanation.  I also think I did a pretty good job of making Kip look like Bill Clinton in panel 7. Hail to the Chief!

It’s True, Massages Are Relaxing

Drake actually has a whole lined of scented oils. He's ALWAYS trying to push them every chance he gets. This is why he never gets invited to parties.

In case you missed it, Ashley is sleeping with Drake, Trent is sleeping with Lucia, and Ashley and (maybe) Trent are having a baby together!

Okay, so this is why I should never try to ink these things after I’ve been drinking.  I spent most of the morning fixing the damage.  Special thanks to Lady Magma, Pass Kontrol, and karaoke at Legion for helping me get this thing done late.