New T-shirts

Designed with 75% recycled graphics!
Designed with 75% recycled graphics!

Added some more shirts and some other stuff to Check them out!

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’ve seen some of these images before. That is because I am big into sustainability and believe in reusing as much of my work as possible. And I’m lazy.

I am making t-shirts

My shirts on MySoti

You know what the internet needs more of? T-shirts. Simply not enough out there. I have decided to do my part to combat this issue.

I have a few designs up on MySoti.  You can check them out at

MySoti uses “Direct To Garment” printing, which is most decidedly NOT screen printing, but by all account I’ve read, it’s pretty high quality.  I’m going to order a couple and see how they look. If you are scared of such newfangled ways of printing, but still like the designs, email me and let me know.  The plan is to silkscreen these if there’s enough interest.

Okay! Great!