Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… Your Art

Ha! Look at this: a post from three months ago that I never published. Sorry blog! Sorry internet!

All the hardcore Georg fans out there already noticed this, but for the casual audience out there I thought I’d just go ahead and point this out: the new poster I just made for the Harvard Square Business Association features art I made nine years ago. Check it out!

Havana Restaurant Project

I made this guy for a class assignment, I think my Junior year of college? I think it was a poster or menu or something for a fun and sassy restaurant. I always liked this but never got to use it for anything.

Harvard Square MayFair

The "new" poster

And now here we are in 2010 and they are still partying! I spent all morning drawing rather scary-looking square people and realized this was a way better solution. I also drew these little guys! (But they were rejected, sadface.)

Romanteek and Lady Magma: Cake Shop April 1

Romanteek and Lady Magma are playing at the Cake Shop Wednesday April 1st, along with Dynasty Handbag and DJ Stache Master.

Romanteek is part of the Olympia, WA DIY rock scene and its “infectious hooks and driving beats sound somewhere between “Remain in Light” era Talking Heads and the funky stylings of Prince, and convey one solid message: all of life’s problems can be worked out on the dance floor.” (from their website)

Lady Magma describe themselves as “scrap rock” and that’s probably a pretty accurate description.  It should make for a pretty memorable night

Romanteek plays two other shows in New York: Thursday at Zebulon, and Friday at Secret Faggot.