Internet Addiction is Serious Business

But first I'll check Facebook just ONE MORE TIME

I could have made this twenty-some panels of me wasting time, but it would have gotten very depressing.  Oddly, I haven’t yet wasted time on Wikipedia reading about internet addiction disorder or computer addiction, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

17 responses to “Internet Addiction is Serious Business”

  1. Oh the joys of working in a job that requires self motivation. I once went a week without doing anything because of days like this. Theres a great firefox addon that blocks websites called leechblock if you’re constantly running into these sorts of problems.

  2. I was using an application that recorded your time to make you more efficient – results came back dire until I changed facebook and twitter to “good use of business time” instead of “time wasters”! Well, I do use them a lot for business!

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