Or Against Us, Redux

Over the past year or so I’ve been slowly revisiting my Or Against Us project. My original idea was to experiment with form a bit, see how different presentations affected the message. So in kind of a cop-out way I’ve done that.

Paginated versions

Or Against Us (just realized that my page count is off for this. Oops!)



Annotated Rwanda

rwanda pages


Poster-sized versions (a less success but more fun experiment)

Or Against Us Poster

Or Against Us

Reichstag poster


Rwanda poster


UPDATE: I am lazy and let the URL expire. The project now resides as http://youareagainstus.com

2 responses to “Or Against Us, Redux”

  1. Georg, I think these illustrations of yours are excellent, regardless of format. The message in each one is very smart and clear. I hope you can get a bigger audience for these, they are very inspiring pieces.

    • Hey thanks! Yeah, I’m not very good at marketing myself, but maybe now that I have the paginated version I can figure something out.

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