Brave New Frontiers in Drinking

Jamaican Bobsled
Like this, but with rum

The Pedersen family: innovators in the exciting new field of conceptual drinking. Since New Year’s Eve we’ve been experimenting with event-based drinks: The Mexican Firedrill (everyone does a shot of tequila and runs around the block), The Kentucky Derby (the same, but with bourbon), The Russian Relay Race (the same, but with vodka, and turn-based). You might see a theme.

Last night we continued research and broke new ground with possibly our best drink yet. The Jamaican Bobsled consists taking a shot of rum, running down and then back up a flight of stairs (or vice versa), and then tagging the next person who then repeats the process. It is a race and there are only winners with this game.

Actually, pretty much EXACTLY like this
Actually, pretty much EXACTLY like this

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