James Joyce Ramble

Last week I ran in the James Joyce Ramble in Dedham, MA. It’s a 10K race with the twist that all along the course costumed actors read passages from Joyce’s various works. It was my first “race” since high school and the stars were not aligning for me: I had a severly tight hamstring and it was 90 degrees and sunny. Not fun running conditions. Regardless, I didn’t finish well, but I DID finish. (How slow was I going? I ran the same distance today 20 minutes faster. Wow!)

Anyway, road races are awesome because you sign up for like twenty bucks and you get a free t-shirt, some other swag with ads on it, free food and drink (and beer!). They also put this little timer on your shoe AND they take photos of everyone so that you can commemorate the event.

Look at me here! Proud, focused, graceful. Dropdead handsome.

Truly, an athlete in his element
Truly, an athlete in his element

And now look at me just a camera click later. Exhausted, defeated, on the verge of collapse.

Uh... did I mention it was 90? That's HOT
Uh… did I mention it was 90? That's HOT

How is it possible that I look so different just moments apart? The magic of still photography, ladies and gentlemen!

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