My Civic Duty: Day 1

It’s official: I’m a juror.  I am serving on a case in criminal court, and I’m kind of excited about it.  Clearly, my level-headedness and innate sense of fairness shown through during the juror selection process, as I was the only one of the initial twenty NOT to be asked a direct question by the prosecutor or defense attorney. Either that or they both saw my babyface and thought: “pliable.”  But I am not impressionable!  I hold deep deep beliefs!

Like I said, I’m a little pumped about being on a jury, but it seems unfair that basically everyone else got the opportunity to say something peculiar/intolerant enough to get kicked off a jury. Would I be unduly suspicious if two people remembered small details of an event differently? Would I hold the testimony of a police officer in higher regard than a civilian? or expect more of them?  Do I distrust cops, or maybe minorities?  Well… no. But you should ask me anyway!

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