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  • The Lost "Lost" Comic scripts

    Lost is ending tonight! OMG! I fell kinda short of my goal for this strip, but to prove I wasn’t a TOTAL slacker, here are a handful of scripts I wrote that I never finished drawing. This does not include the final installment of my Dogen mini-sereis, which I am determined to draw still.

  • Ben Linus: European History

    Oh EM GEE! I love the idea of Ben as a history teacher. I wanted to do a comic of the students exacting their revenge on him, but it might be a little too graphic.

  • Ash beats smoke, Rock beats ash, Smoke beats heads!

    Really not much of a surprise that Not Locke/Bad Guy Dude was the Smoke Monster, but oh man! Still way cool! Hey! So I’m going to try to make a Lost comic this season! Figure it’d be fun. Going to do one each week, or thereabouts. Hope you like it.