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  • A Parent Trap

    A Parent Trap

    Try as you might you can’t get away from chores, no matter how ill-timed they may be. Looking like I will be going down to one update a week for the time being. But hope to get back on track after the summer!

  • Relative Time

    Relative Time

    On a grand scale, twenty and a million are actually very close together. I bet once they start talking about billions and trillions Petunia’s mom will feel pretty silly for making the distinction…

  • Extremely Itchy and Incredibly Hot

    In the grand scheme of things, I guess an itchy cloak is not so bad, but dang it’s gotta be annoying. A bit of a fake out on the parent’s house due to my completely redesigning it from page two until now. I mean, the parents must have done some major upgrades since Petunia has […]

  • Greedy, Hungry, and Not That Smart

    Greedy, Hungry, and Not That Smart

    Don’t let Petunia’s comparison of the king and a dragon give you the impression she has a low opinion of him. She didn’t even mention the king’s worst qualities: he’s also lazy and mean and smelly.

  • What Good Is a Sword?

    What Good Is a Sword?

    What can a sword possibly do against a giant fire breathing dragon? Oh, what? You’re going to stab its belly and try to what, tickle it to death? Gimme a break. You’re better off with a really good joke book if that’s your plan.

  • Baby Needs His Revenge

    Baby Needs His Revenge

    This is the problem with being friends with royalty: they can always pull the ol’ “I’ll throw your family in the dungeon” card to get you to do things. We can all relate, right?

  • The Royal Pigeoneer

    The Royal Pigeoneer
  • You Gotta Do It Yourself

    You Gotta Do It Yourself

    It’s really all about having the right tool for the job. Sparrows don’t respond well to 5-7 smelly dudes in armor yelling and charging at them! Try just whistling or like having some seeds or something! Sheesh!

  • So Dumb

    So Dumb

    The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, but sparrows nail it every time.

  • Attack mode activated

    Attack mode activated

    That is a lot of angry dudes and not a lot of bird! What will happen? We’ll have to wait and see!