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  • Leave the Bait Alone

    Leave the Bait Alone

    One thing you can say about Connie and her crew: They are industrious. When they set their minds to bullying they really commit to it.

  • Can Owen Count?

    Can Owen Count?

    The question of if Owen can actually count will be left for another day, but it’s something for us all to ponder.

  • Jealousy Rears Its Logical Head

    Jealousy Rears Its Logical Head

    We’re back from another extended break! But much like the train that falls off the tracks, it only takes us several weeks to repair the damage and regain the momentum we have lost

  • Mean-eval Girls

    Mean-eval Girls

    The class wars start early in Petunia’s neck of the woods. Still not back on a regular schedule but managed to get a little done during the hiatus.

  • Owen, You Sweet Idiot

    Owen, You Sweet Idiot

    We’re back! An unexpected break for the holiday to recharge a bit. It’s that old saying: You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose; but if you have a friend like Owen you have to stew quietly while he says something completely stupid. Also, Owen is really going hunting for some treasure…

  • A Parent Trap

    A Parent Trap

    Try as you might you can’t get away from chores, no matter how ill-timed they may be. Looking like I will be going down to one update a week for the time being. But hope to get back on track after the summer!

  • Relative Time

    Relative Time

    On a grand scale, twenty and a million are actually very close together. I bet once they start talking about billions and trillions Petunia’s mom will feel pretty silly for making the distinction…

  • Extremely Itchy and Incredibly Hot

    In the grand scheme of things, I guess an itchy cloak is not so bad, but dang it’s gotta be annoying. A bit of a fake out on the parent’s house due to my completely redesigning it from page two until now. I mean, the parents must have done some major upgrades since Petunia has…

  • Greedy, Hungry, and Not That Smart

    Greedy, Hungry, and Not That Smart

    Don’t let Petunia’s comparison of the king and a dragon give you the impression she has a low opinion of him. She didn’t even mention the king’s worst qualities: he’s also lazy and mean and smelly.

  • What Good Is a Sword?

    What Good Is a Sword?

    What can a sword possibly do against a giant fire breathing dragon? Oh, what? You’re going to stab its belly and try to what, tickle it to death? Gimme a break. You’re better off with a really good joke book if that’s your plan.