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  • I Can’t Believe They Admitted It

    I Can’t Believe They Admitted It

    Little known fact: society is already run by trendy dog breeds. If you don’t believe me just search for it online and I’m sure you’ll find an InfoWars rant about how they are the downfall of society and how it’s because of their high soy diet.

  • Helpful Man Not Helpful

    Helpful Man Not Helpful

    Man sometimes people just need to butt out. You are not helping, dog owner with bad practices!

  • The City Is Everyone’s Toilet

    The City Is Everyone’s Toilet

    I think the least realistic part of this whole story is that people in Brooklyn would stop and pay attention to some random nutto yell about dog poop. Thank you for suspending your disbelief. These first few are going to post fast! And then? Long delays! Hooray!

  • James Comey, Troll

  • Party with K-Ya! A comic

    Mike Briggs and I have started a new comic about our friend K-Ya! We take turns drawing and then the other person tries to write something that goes with it. It is very fun. For us. Check it out! http://partywithkya.com

  • Why the Watchmen Movie Might Be Really Terrible

    I’m pretty excited about The Watchmen movie, but after watching the trailer for a third time, I thought “Wow. This could be really really bad.” Here is the fundamental flaw, as I see it: The Watchmen was a deconstruction of super hero comics at a time when the genre was trying to rediscover itself.  Along with […]