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  • A Thousand Pies

    A Thousand Pies

    If you are not familiar with the climatic song from the Octonauts and the Great Barrier Reef I highly recommend it. Truly powerful stuff.

  • Singing it does not make it true

    Singing it does not make it true

    Kids are a joy! Really! You should try taking mine for a few days—heck! a few weeks! It’s a hoot seeing her process everything that happens in song. My only recourse now is to create an even catchier song with my version of events. Then and only then will victory be mine.

  • Let’s Ask the Dogs

    Let’s Ask the Dogs

    A regrouping! Let’s see what the dog owners have up their sleeves. From the looks of things, it involves some sort of trick football play. Look, they love their dogs, that doesn’t make them great at strategy.

  • A Moment of Silence

    A Moment of Silence

    A palate cleanser, of sorts. Maybe they are all nice people and just want to go inside and join the dog party. That is possible! You don’t know! Anyway, nice to get a break from drawing dogs and draw dozens of buildings instead.

  • A Dog Walks into a Bar

    A Dog Walks into a Bar

    I can’t help but wonder if this guy uses the same joke every time he busts up a dog joint or if he comes up with new ones each time. Everyone else must be so sick of hearing them. How exhausting to have a boss like that! No one likes your jokes, Gary!

  • Speakeasies, but for Dogs

    Speakeasies, but for Dogs

    I’m 99% certain that dog speakeasies exist in New York; I’ve just never been invited to them. Gonna try to get on a regular schedule for these. We’ll see how that goes.

  • Splitting Hairs

    Splitting Hairs

    Huh did I not write anything for this one? Well hey, I think the point is well taken that I do not approve of running blindly through the streets and just bumping into people. VERY. RUDE.

  • No Dogs

    No Dogs

    Who goes Nazi? Turns out it’s everyone who’s ever stepped in poop.

  • I Can’t Believe They Admitted It

    I Can’t Believe They Admitted It

    Little known fact: society is already run by trendy dog breeds. If you don’t believe me just search for it online and I’m sure you’ll find an InfoWars rant about how they are the downfall of society and how it’s because of their high soy diet.

  • Helpful Man Not Helpful

    Helpful Man Not Helpful

    Man sometimes people just need to butt out. You are not helping, dog owner with bad practices!