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  • Sing It Into Existence

    My daughter sings. A lot. She’ll repeat simple phrases that explain the world: about the color of her crayons, a new experience, or how she feels about a person. She’ll do all this without thought—and without realization that someone might hear her. She will also use song to narrate memorable or—more often—traumatic moments in her…

  • A Thousand Pies

    A Thousand Pies

    If you are not familiar with the climatic song from the Octonauts and the Great Barrier Reef I highly recommend it. Truly powerful stuff.

  • Singing it does not make it true

    Singing it does not make it true

    Kids are a joy! Really! You should try taking mine for a few days—heck! a few weeks! It’s a hoot seeing her process everything that happens in song. My only recourse now is to create an even catchier song with my version of events. Then and only then will victory be mine.

  • Glomo is the best

    Glomo is the best

    Have you ever wanted to just disappear after singing an ode to your favorite aunt, only to realize that she is sitting in the same room, listening to your improvised ditty? Then this, dear reader, is a comic for you. It was great to have Glomo with us for a couple weeks! Questions are already…

  • Do You Know…

    Do You Know…

    I’ve never met the Muffin Man, but I’ve heard the stories. There was a kid a couple years older than me, but in third grade, who said he wasn’t scared of the Muffin Man, and snuck into his house on Drury Lane. The next day at school he wasn’t there, but there was a single…

  • Butterfly


    It is incredible that butterflies can ever get to where they’re going. They travel the whole dang world! But also incredible is this really funny meme I’m checking out. It so captures this whole mood. Here, I’ll send it to you.