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  • More Valentines!

    A few food-related Valentines, because why not! I made some sincere, and some, uh, not so sincere.

  • Towns With Food

    Video for the extreme underground 90s band The Hugh Grant Fan Club. One of my favorite songs.

  • Crown Heights Represents, Food-wise

    For years now, I have followed Jon’s food misadventures in Japan with utter disbelief.  Can any of this really be appealing to anyone?  Today’s is probably my favorite/most disturbing yet.  Of course, the beauty of New York is that almost every neighborhood has its own culture and unusual delicacies, you just have to know where…

  • What's Organic About 'Organic'?

    What’s Organic About ‘Organic’? is a documentary by Shelley Rogers currently in production. It explores the current organic boom and what it means for organic food standards. I’ve seen some early cuts and she’s doing a great job with it, but she could certainly use your help with finishing it.