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  • The Lost "Lost" Comic scripts

    Lost is ending tonight! OMG! I fell kinda short of my goal for this strip, but to prove I wasn’t a TOTAL slacker, here are a handful of scripts I wrote that I never finished drawing. This does not include the final installment of my Dogen mini-sereis, which I am determined to draw still.

  • Jack SMASH!

    Oh man! Cutting it really close this week! I’ll be better next time. Seriously, I thought Jack was smart. He’s a doctor, right? Why’s he always punching and smashing things? Time to watch Lost! Also a happy birthday to Rose! And a belated happy birthday to my sis Greta. Woo hoo!

  • Jack Does Not Like To Be Laughed At

    Phew! Just in time! Had to do a quick one this week. I’ll try to be more on top of it for next week (or this week, I guess). Totally think that Dogen and Lennon are just messing with everyone on the island. Dogen is basically the Ashton Kutcher of Lost and torture and poison…