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  • My Civic Duty: Day 2

    Today was the first day of the trial.  I’m not allowed to talk about it at all, so some general observations: 1. The line for the metal detectors in the court house is much longer at 9:30 than 8:30 2. The people in the know at the court house call the metal detectors “magnetizers” (though […]

  • My Civic Duty: Day 1

    It’s official: I’m a juror.  I am serving on a case in criminal court, and I’m kind of excited about it.  Clearly, my level-headedness and innate sense of fairness shown through during the juror selection process, as I was the only one of the initial twenty NOT to be asked a direct question by the […]

  • Juror Exemptions

    They just ran through all the juror exemptions.  About half the room cleared out after she said that Non US citizens and convicted felons could leave, which seems a little unfair, no?  Students and caregivers got to leave to. The final exemption was my favorite: “If you do not understand English, you cannot serve as […]

  • Juror Appreciation Week!

    It’s juror appreciation week down here at Kings County Supreme Court! What do I get in my manilla envelope of appreciation? A photocopied certificate of appreciation, a handy little NY State juror pen, a trail mix bar, and an ad for tkts in downtown Brooklyn, which apparently has just been welcomed by MetroTech Center. In […]