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  • More Sad Bastard Music: Sad Lady Edition

    From Scotland — land of the Kings of 90s Sad Bastard Music, Belle & Sebastian — comes another strong entrant for Saddest Band of the 21st Century: Camera Obscura. Since 2001 they’ve cranked out four solid albums of completely depressing, yet still toe-tappingly catchy indie pop music.   Lead singer Tracyanne Campbell probably isn’t quite in Edith…

  • Still More Sad Bastard Music: Jens Lekman

    Was is it with Swedish songwriters?  Maybe something about socialized medicine and six months of darkness gives you ample time to turn the sadder aspects of love and life into art. Maple Leaves is terribly sad and oddly funny: A very intimate version of Pocketful of Money:

  • The Weeping Willows

    Do you like to feel badly about yourself?  Do you enjoy passing afternoons, lying in bed, sighing?  Then the Weeping Willows is the band for you!  They are the perfect soundtrack for depressing moments that need to be made MORE depressing, and are making some of the finest Sad Bastard music since Morrissey was in…