World Premiere at 401 Film Fest, Rhode Island, October 23!

Wow, I’m really excited to announce that my first “V-cast” will be premiering at Rhode Island’s 401 Film Fest! They must have great taste! IN BLOOD!

The Festival is October 21-23, 2016, and our short premieres as the first filmic journey in Showcase #5 on Sunday, October 23 at noon. I guess I’ll have to use the underground tunnels to get in!
At  Dean’s List Academy
25 Esten Ave., Pawtucket, RI


Welcome To The Vampire Boy Website

Hi and welcome to the Vampire Boy website,! I can’t believe we got that URL! This web site is a dedicated space in support of my Video Podcast, which is itself dedicated to dispelling popular myths about vampires and vampiric lore and hosted by me, Vampire Boy! It’s premiering very soon, Subscribe on Youtube Today!