Clarification or maybe correction

Crown Heights and Beyond made a smart observation that applies to my post the other day:

Sometimes I wonder if we were not talking about hipsters, how well these comments would fly.

I feel it’s deceptively hard to come up with a good definition for “hipster,” but somewhere in that definition gentrification would have to be mentioned. And in an attempt to understand what myself and others are doing to ethnic neighborhoods by moving into them, I’m trying to keep a record at the moment I feel it’s about to blow up.

I guess this is part of the problem with having an unclear relationship to hipsterdom. While I aver to be separate from and even dislike “hipsters,” I’m pretty sure I’d be classified as one. So really my posturing amounts to trying to belong to an area where I’m an outsider more than other outsiders with whom I share similar backgrounds, tastes, and means simply by virtue of being there slightly longer.

But as a for-all-practical-purposes-hipster, I’m allowed to be snide about them, right? Right?

One response to “Clarification or maybe correction”

  1. yes, you have the right to profess your aversion to hipsters. i wonder who draws the ire of hipsters since hipsters seem to draw the ire of the rest of the world?

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