Foodstand Wars

For the past year Norris has been stationed outside of my apartment, in front of Imhotep’s restaurant, with a table full of coconuts, seasoned pineapple, hot sauce, and various other goodies.  He’d be there in all weather – always in some type of camoflauge, always very friendly.  I had often wondered what the relationship was between him and the store – there are several TOE (table outside of establishment) in the area – and I more or less got my answer when Norris disappeared from in front of Imhotep’s and reappeared shortly after across the street in front of a competing healthfood store.

Since “The Move” I’ve broached the subject with both Norris and Tonde (landlord/shop owner) and neither were very forthcoming.  To quote Norris: “I was over there, now I’m over here.”  Well played, sir.  Well played.

2 responses to “Foodstand Wars”

  1. Nope, it’s a straight up folding table. Very hardcore – no idea how he transports everything. I’ll try to post a photo of Norris’ new spot soon.

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