Hot sauce


Hot Caribbean Pepper!
Hot Caribbean Pepper!

Today as I was walking to the market I noticed the same Caribbean Pepper hot sauce at a competing TOE (table outside of establishment) as Norris sells.  I have to ask him about this.  I’ve been under the impression that he makes it himself because they are so obviously not mass produced: they all have inkjet printed labels and are in jars still have bits of their old labels stuck to the original glue.  


On the way back I stepped out of the way of an opening car door, only to hear the call of “Whiii-TEE!” after I passed.  I shrugged it off as me mishearing something else since A) people on the street are generally friendly or at least non-confrontational and B) in the year I’ve been here I’ve only had one borderline comment shouted at me.  That was when I was running down New York Avenue in my sweats and someone called out “Run, Forest, Run!” which got me a little freaked out, but later when I told Diana she thought it was pretty funny.

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