Mystery Footprints

During the last snow storm I looked out my kitchen window to see this:

Seems innocuous enough...
Seems innocuous enough…

Totally weird footprints.  At first I thought it was just the stray cat that hangs out in that area, but as I looked closer:

But actually totally nocuous to my mental health!
But actually totally nocuous to my mental health!

Definitely NOT animal footprints.  The ones closest to the access ladder look to have clear heel/toe indentations. But what’s up with the weird duckstep?  Was this person leaping from spot to spot? All the way down the ladder?  Or maybe doing the marriage walk, bringing one foot up to meet the other?  I DON’T GET IT.

We have some neighbors right below us with a pair of boys.  Could the older brother made the younger march to his death! Probably not since I saw him yesterday.  Completely driving me crazy.

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